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An Overview of the Liverpool Rummy Rules

Liverpool Rummy, which is sometimes called Joker Rummy, is a very popular version of the classic Contract Rummy game. Contract Rummy is just one among the many different variants of Rummy. It is also said to be the most challenging and interesting game of Rummy, which means that the same can be said for Liverpool Rummy. This is because Liverpool Rummy is almost exactly similar to the basic Contract Rummy game, with just a few but important changes. These changes are mostly involved in the Liverpool Rummy rules, particularly regarding the cards dealt in each hand and the number of deals in one game. Contract Rummy is divided into many different deals, and the number of deals can change in the different versions. Nonetheless, the game is highly exciting, and learning how to play it will definitely be a solution to your bored days.

The Basic Liverpool Rummy Rules

Here are the basic Liverpool Rummy rules you should learn if you want to start enjoying your Liverpool Rummy games. The basic game can be played by three up to eight players, each one active and playing for themselves. There will be no partnerships for this game. In this game, two decks of cards should be used. The decks should include 52 cards each and two Jokers. The Jokers will assume the form of wild cards, as in other Contract Rummy games. It is noticeable that instead of just one Joker as in Contract Rummy, two Jokers will be used in this game. A Liverpool Rummy game begins with the selection of a dealer, which is done by having all players draw cards randomly. The player who gets the lowest card will deal first. Overall, there are six deals in a game of Liverpool Rummy, each deal with a preset contract that the players are required to meet. The players’ first objective is to meet these contracts. Only by meeting the contracts can the players begin melding, laying down, and discarding cards to get rid of their entire hand. The overall objective of the game is to eliminate all the cards you have in your hand. The first player who gets rid of his entire hand in every round wins that round. The non-winning players get penalty points in this case, and at the end of the game, the points are added. But since these are penalty points, the winner is the player who gets the lowest number of points.

The Liverpool Rummy Rules on Contracts

The central and most important rule in a game of Liverpool Rummy is the one involving contracts. Contracts are predetermined card groupings that the players should meet during the game. For example, one contract can be made up by any combination of sets and runs, two forms of melds that are also present in a game of classic Rummy. Each deal has a specific contract. For the first deal, the players should form two sets, one set and one run for the second deal, two runs for the third deal, three sets for the fourth deal, two sets and one run for the fifth deal, one set and two runs for the sixth deal, and three runs for the seventh deal. The first deal, however, is a seven-card deal, and it is in this aspect that Liverpool Rummy rules deviate a little from the basic Contract Rummy rules. The second to fourth deals, however, take the normal ten-card deals, while the fifth and the sixth deals are twelve-card deals. The seventh and eighth deals are 14-card deals, with the eighth deal the last.

Some Reminders regarding Liverpool Rummy Rules

In Liverpool Rummy, the players can take the discards of other players, as specified in the game rules. As a reminder, make sure to pay attention to the discards that your opponents take. This will give you clues as to what melds your opponents are trying to complete, thus giving your information that can help you block their moves so they won’t get rid of their cards fast. Also, remember to get rid of your own high cards first. High cards are those with high values. The cards are valued in this way, with the cards two to ten taken at face value, the face cards at ten points, and the aces at 15 points. The Jokers, however, are equal to 25 points, so be sure to use the wild cards immediately if you have them. Finally, remember to form the required melds first and foremost since according to the rules, you cannot lay down cards if you don’t have any melds on the table.




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